“PYMES did an amazing job helping us to secure the financing for the development of the Instituto de Radioterapia del Este, in Humacao, Puerto Rico. We would not have been able to navigate the SBA Loan process without them. Thank you!”

Carlos Remedios-Carbone, MD


Welcome to PYMES Financial Partners, Inc. PYMES is a non-profit corporation licensed as a Certified Development Company (CDC) by the
U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to administer the SBA 504 Loan Program in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. “PYMES” is
an acronym in Spanish for Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas, which means Small and Mid-Sized Businesses. And that is what we are all
about; helping small and mid-sized entrepreneurs to continue expanding and growing their businesses.

The SBA 504 Loan Program is an invaluable tool for small and mid-sized businesses to obtain the financing they need to purchase, improve,
remodel or upgrade their fixed assets (i.e., land, buildings, machinery and equipment). We process, close, service and assist in liquidating SBA
504 Loans, and are committed to providing our clients with excellence, clarity, and guidance throughout the entire loan process.

Our Mission

We at PYMES strongly believe that the future growth and prosperity of Puerto Rico’s economy lies with the small and mid-sized business
community. As a growing business, our story is not unlike that of countless other small and mid-sized business ventures. An idea, a burning
passion for success and enterprise, and the right combination of people gave birth to our company. Our goal is to promote the expansion of
businesses and the creation of employment by helping small and mid-sized businesses to access commercial financing facilities.