For Borrowers

PYMES will guide you through the entire loan process, and will continue to be your partner after funding through the life of the
SBA 504 Loan. For Lenders the SBA 504 Loans shared financing structure reduces risk for participating lenders, and its low down
payment and long-term, fixed interest rate puts financing within reach for businesses that may not qualify for conventional loans.

  • Low loan-to-value, typically 50%
  • Lower reserve requirement· Reduced credit risk through participation funding with SBA/CDC
  • CRA credits
  • PYMES prepares and manages the SBA paperwork and SBA 504 Debenture funding requirements.

For Brokers

The SBA 504 Loans low down payment and fixed, long-term interest rate can help make real estate ownership a reality for your clients,
enabling you to get them into their own buildings faster. If your client is expanding, opening additional locations or building a new facility,
we can help.

SBA Temporary 504 Debt Refinance Program

(Expires in September, 2012)
  • 85% or more of the debt(s) to be refinanced used eligible for SBA 504 purposes
  • The note(s) to be refinanced must have a balloon payment
  • The borrower must be current on the note(s) borrower cannot be past due for more than 30 days and no payment deferrals during the
    past 12 months· Debt(s) must be outstanding for at least 2 years· Subject business must be in operation at least 2 years

3 Key Items needed for SBA 504 Debt Refinance Program

  • Copy of Notes to pay off including the original Note and any extensions or amendments
  • Statement of original Use of Proceeds
  • Settlement Statements for original financing